Past, Present, Future

Historic Shelburne

The Shelburne Library and Town Center have a interesting past:

  • The first library for the Town of Shelburne in 1888 was housed in the post office with approximately 100 books
  • In 1911, a more established library was housed in the Greek Revival building on the Village Green (now Jamie Two Coats),
  • A 1922 bequest by James S. Pierson made an expansion of the library possible
  • In 1927, Mrs. J. Watson Webb gave the Town of Shelburne the town hall (now the Historic Town Hall) in memory of her father, Henry Havemeyer
  • In 2001 the library relocated to its current location (the former Town offices and Police Department) as part of the Shelburne Village Center Project



Present Day Shelburne

  • 60,000 annual library visitors (2016)
  • 3562 resident library cardholders (2016)
  • Library Services include:  programs for children, downloadable audiobooks and ebooks, interlibrary loan, research help, programs for adults, and museum passes
  • Library building problems include: water infiltration, damage, and associated dampness; inadequate stack space; lacking ADA accommodations; undersized, and confined spaces.
  • Historic Town Hall has a solid structure with historic significance, but has some problems:  poor lighting and acoustics; water infiltration into basement, roof, and damage to ceiling; deferred maintenance; and lacking energy efficiency.

Shelburne in the Future 

  • On November 7th, 2017, the citizens of Shelburne voted to approve a $6.5 million dollar bond to replace the library, to renovate the historic Town Hall and to improve the municipal campus.
  • The new library, renovations to the Town Hall, and municipal campus improvements will make Shelburne a better place for generations to come.  Much hard work still lays ahead and we look forward to the entire community's continued involvement.
  • As stewards of our rich cultural heritage, we are launching a community-wide effort to realize our collective vision for Shelburne’s future and to fulfill the promise of the Shelburne Comprehensive Plan.
  • Project Goals: build a 21st century library; conserve and protect the historic Town Hall; strengthen the commercial, civic, and social center of Shelburne Village.



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