Getting close to the finish line!

Progress continues to be made on all fronts simultaneously; every day a number of different crews are on site working hard!

The big dig on the north side of the building is trenching to hook up to the sewer, with a second trench to handle all the storm water from the Town Offices to the north perimeter. The portico on Town Hall is getting all new bricks and the Douglas Fir detailing on the new building is being installed.  The slate and clapboard siding is all finished, with windows being the next big detail to go in soon.

Inside, Town Hall has been repainted upstairs and down, the flooring downstairs has been installed, and the original wooden flooring upstairs is soon to be lightly sanded and polished. The interior of the new building is finally coming together as a building rather than a jumble of steel, wires, and ductwork, and we are looking forward to window installation soon!


Fundraising update

The fundraising committee is happy to report that more than $1,000,000 has been raised through many generous donations!  The committee is now finishing up its asks, with one last round of letters to local businesses who might want to give and haven't yet.

Shortly, letters will go out to all donors making sure that names are correct for the permanent recognition signs to be installed in the new building.  If you'd like your family's name added, or would like to give in honor of a loved one--it's not too late: you can drop a donation off at the library, or visit and click on the donation button on the left of the page to give online.  Many thanks to all current and future donors!