Photo by Lee Krohn

The New Library and Town Center project is underway in Shelburne!

You may have noticed some tree trimming around the parking lot and the maples in front of Town Hall. This work was needed to improve the health of all the trees and to improve the visibility of Town Hall from the east side. The work was performed by an outside vendor with the participation of the Town Tree Warden.

Visual observation in the parking lot after school last week showed that 100% on of the children coming home followed the new pathway around the site, avoiding the construction area and the Fire Station. Thank you!

It is preferable to stay on the sidewalks along Harbor Road and Shelburne Road, but if the shortcut through the Town Campus is used, please stay outside of the orange ribbon and away from the Fire Station and all construction zones.

The building that most recently housed the Pierson Library is no longer as of this morning. Demolition is expected to continue through next week. If you would like to stop by, please remember this is a construction site and stay outside the barriers. Photographs will be posted on the Library webpage and in the Shelburne News as deadlines permit.

Town Hall will not be accessible to the public until the Grand Opening next summer.

Photo by Lee Krohn

Thank you for your continued support of the project!