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Construction continues - almost every day, workers from Neagley & Chase and their subcontractors are making progress on the new building.  Here, the columns are back on the Historic Town Hall.

A New Library and Town Center for Shelburne, Vermont

On November 7th, 2017, the citizens of Shelburne voted to approve a $6.5 million dollar bond to replace the library, to renovate the historic Town Hall, and to improve the municipal campus.

This site exists to:

  • provide more information about this exciting project
  • allow you to ask questions
  • show ways you can contribute to making this project a success!

Project Goals

  • Build a 21st century library

  • Conserve and protect the historic Town Hall.

  • Strengthen the commercial, civic, and social center of Shelburne Village.

*Video below represents plans and budget information as of November 2017.  Plans continue to evolve as we receive additional input!

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