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Construction continues - almost every day, workers from Neagley & Chase and their subcontractors are making progress on the new building.  Here, the columns are back on the Historic Town Hall.

A New Library and Town Center for Shelburne, Vermont

On November 7th, 2017, the citizens of Shelburne voted to approve a $6.5 million dollar bond to replace the library, to renovate the historic Town Hall, and to improve the municipal campus.

This site exists to:

  • provide more information about this exciting project
  • allow you to ask questions
  • show ways you can contribute to making this project a success!

Project Goals

  • Build a 21st century library

  • Conserve and protect the historic Town Hall.

  • Strengthen the commercial, civic, and social center of Shelburne Village.

*Video below represents plans and budget information as of November 2017.  Plans continue to evolve as we receive additional input!

What People Are Saying

“We decided to give to this project because we believe strongly in the current and future mission of the library in the Shelburne community.  While all residents stand to benefit equally from the library we differ in our ability to pay for it.  We hope by providing a matching grant we can inspire others to give, too.”

                -Anonymous Donor

There are so many ways that the Pierson Library is special to our community. An important example is that the Library offers the public opportunities to interact, exploring new ideas and different ways of thinking. Organized meetings, unplanned encounters and serendipitous discoveries at the Library are a valuable part of living in Shelburne. These experiences in a shared community space are critical to building and maintaining a society that works together to define common goals and create a sustainable future.

- Ruth Hagerman

Chair, Pierson Library Board of Trustees

“For our family, the library is a place to come together as a community.  We love family game day, maker days, Minecraft club, or simply reading quietly and getting help from Katie to find that 'just right' book.  As a middle income family we don't have the resources to build a small library full of new books. We love that our tax payer dollars are being used to create a community space that benefits people from all income levels. We feel grateful that the our Shelburne community supports all of us in this way.” 

- Kelly Story

Shelburne Resident

“The Community School has a continued interest in the development of a dynamic and safe environment for our students who utilize our town's library and the town center.  Much like a state of the art school, a renovated and reimagined public  library has the potential to create a space where our students can continue to foster their love for learning and build meaningful relationships with adults and peers alike.  This project has the potential to expand the growing relationship between the Pierson Library and Shelburne Community School.”

-Scott Sivo, Co-Principal,

Shelburne Community School

“A forward-thinking library is an asset to any community. It serves the needs of residents. It attracts new residents and increases home values, as do quality schools. It offers resources to all, regardless of income or skills, and teaches new technologies. It fosters learning and affords a meeting place for all ages. “

- Sue Furry-Irish,

Former Librarian, Pierson  Library

"A community needs a library - its a gathering place for both children and adults. When I want to read, I want to hold a book, feel a book, smell a book. The library is, in essence, the heart of our community."

- Rick Bessette,

Shelburne Poet Laureate

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